Send private messages to all your group members by one click.

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PackGram Help to Manage Everything for You

  • Simple and clean UI.
  • The only way to send private message for all your group members.
  • Send message for thousands of people a day and avoid telegram ban.
  • Monitor the process step by step and find out who received your message.
  • The ability to stop the process and continue at any time you want.
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PackGram Information

PackGram Intro.


SignUp with your Telegram account and you will receive 30 free points.

Send Bulk Message

Send private messages to any Telegram group members you want by one click. Your message will go privately to all real users.


All messages will start with a greeting then the receiver username, after that your message will come so you don't have to add a greeting.
The first 30 free messages will be signed by PackGram

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Telegram Limitation

Telegram allows you to send between 30 - 50 messages per day for non-mutual members with no limitation for mutual contacts. But don't worry about non-mutual members our bots will deliver your message to the left members. Make sure your message contains your contact information or your website.

List of Process

Check your running and see who received your message successfully and who is remaining. You can pause the process and continue at any time.


Each private message needs one point. If your points ran out your process will pause until you get more points. You can get points by watching reward videos or by purchasing them.

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Our Work Process

How PackGram Works !

Choose your group

Write your own message and define the group.


Start sending the message to everyone in the group.

Completion of the work

Deliver your message for all members.



Download it now and get your first 30 points for free!.

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